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Patterns emerge in the mix - artificial, man-made objects that resemble emanations of nature and the earth, and vice versa; as symbolic boundaries are broken down, these man-made partial objects and fragments of nature together point to their common origin. At the same time, they index the underside of transformations and absences that shape the contemporary globalized world at local ground level - i.e. the disappearance of industry in the 'industrialized' world... *Deserted fishing dock in Cacilhas, Portugal (near Lisbon): The town of Cacilhas, population 6,790, is situated across the Tagus estuary from Lisbon. With the decline of fishing, many of its inhabitants immigrated to Canada. Most settled in Harrow, a small town 45 minutes from Windsor, Ontario. Behind them remain the deserted wrecks of riverside warehouses and shacks, populated by the ghosts of a once thriving industry. *Near the Wall in Friedrichshahn, Berlin: I stumbled upon this site while wandering around east Berlin in the Friedrichshahn district. Situated close to a remaining segment of the Berlin Wall (not pictured), there is a skate park and a squatter community nearby which may have been kicked out since. 20 years on, the fall of the Berlin wall seems like a collective placebo - walls remain, and new walls are put up all the time, real and figurative... *Abandoned industrial zone in Karlin, Prague: The Karlin district of Prague is a seemingly middle class, and very Czech part of town - given its proximity to the center, there are very few tourists there. On one end of it, however, is an abandoned industrial zone - a concrete jungle of burned and gutted buildings littered with clothes, broken appliances, machine parts, rubble, furniture, broken glass, strips of insulation resembling a strange moss or fungus mixed with leaves on the ground, pots, pans, a shoe with a blade of grass sticking out of it. On my way out, I became aware of people living among the ruined buildings - by all appearances Roma - and trying their best not to make their presence felt. I tried my best not to disturb them. *Remains of a brewhouse/bar in Tacoma, WA, USA: I came across this place wandering around the back streets near where I used to work in Tacoma. It was in a shady forested grove off of a dirt road alley between two back streets, across from an empty yellowed field - a somewhat unlikely place for mountains of bottlecaps, corks, bottles, jars, glasses, discarded brewing equipment, rusty sheets of metal, a kid's practice keyboard, a camera, and other random objects - overrun by a colony of ants and mixed in with the occassional cluster of mushrooms cropping up from the ground. VIDEO WORK: "Queen Bee", 2012, 3:05; short musical film about a bee chasing sunflowers, shot in my garden in Olympia, WA. USA. Look With The Heart, 2009, 9:05; short film made for submission to the competition 'Encounters with Herzog', on the subject of humans' relationship to Nature. Tamil Sit-in At Parliament Square, 2009, 9:31; short documentary on an under-reported sit-in protest I stumbled upon at Parliament Square in London, in response to the Sri Lankan government's crackdown on the Tamils. Bib's Burbl, 2004, 33:44, documentary on artist Birthe Jorgensen's sculpture, a large white plaster bulb called 'The Burbl', and its excursion into the neighborhood around the artist's home in Stoke Newington, London, in order to be photographed in various natural and urban settings for a grant proposal. >>my profile on Shooting People, an independent filmmakers' network. "" WEB DESIGN Lorem Ipsum Gallery website - The Lorem Ipsum Gallery was launched by artist Birthe Jørgensen in 2007 in a former printer's office on Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, London. The gallery has since closed, while some of its activities continue under the auspices of Lorem Ipsum Projects. BLOG Complete Unknown OTHER WRITING 'Torture, Truth and Capital: The Fragmented Body of Liberal Democracy Behind the Corporate Veil', UCL Jurisprudence Review 2008 (also available on Westlaw UK) - final year Research Dissertation written for my L.L.B. Law degree at University College London, and awarded the Faculty Research Prize by the UCL Faculty of Laws, it is a multi-disciplinary analysis of the links between the exploitation of labor, outsourcing of government functions to private contractors, and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal in Iraq. 'Intellectual Property or Intellectual Poverty? Between Colonialism and Empire in the Context of AIDS and Public Health Crises' - research paper written as part of my final year examination on the 'Medicine, Ethics, and Law' course at UCL. The paper is a critique of the global intellectual property regime being forced on developing nations by the industrialized world. 'Cries and Whimpers: Hollywood's Apocalyptic Ending vs Being-towards-Death in Haneke', Kino Fist, October 2008 - a look at notions of apocalypse and death in film, with a focus on the work of director Michael Haneke "" 'The Subject and Kitsch: Costume as Language & Fashion as 'Essential Forgetting'' Kino Fist, February 2008 - a critique of clothing and fashion in film. "" MUSIC uBiK Music Boris Knezevic